Our Clients

Our clients are generally small to medium sized owner managed businesses and non profit organizations located thoughout the Greater Toronto Area. They include both incorporated and unincorporated businesses. We also prepare personal tax returns for non business clients throughout the year, although our focus on this part of the practice is mainly during March and April in order to ensure our clients meet their personal tax deadline.



We have clients in the manufacturing sector, including printing and equipment manufacturing.


Service Industries

We provide accounting services to a number of Service Companies in various industries including Industrial and Commercial cleaning, Travel, Home Inspection, Fire Protection, Design, Consulting and Coaching, Mortgage Broker, Security consulting and Day Care to name just a few.


Not for Profit

We provide audit services to a number of not for profit organizations.


Retail and Wholesale

We service retailers and wholesalers including high end men's clothing, grocery, bakery and meat processing.


Real Estate

We have clients in the real estate business who own both commercial and residential rental properties.


Information Technology

We have clients who operate internet based retail businesses and those who develop and market software around the world.